Like Father Like Son

So much of what I know about being a man and father, I learned either directly or indirectly from my dad. I am very thankful for his positive influence in my life. I recently connected with a guy by the name of Bolaji Oyejide. He started up Brave Little Heroes which are superhero books about kids that help to teach a positive message.

Bolaji O wants to help parents, dads especially, be better at raising up their own little Brave Heroes. He recently launched a podcast called Bravepreneur Parents Academy where he has been interviewing entrepreneur fathers to have them share their wisdom.

Here is what his he has to say about his podcast:

“Welcome to Bravepreneur Parents Academy, with Bolaji O! Where the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs reveal their most defining childhood moments… And share their legacy for raising Brave Little Heroes who will grow up to change the world. But why a show for entrepreneur parents? Because if you aren’t consciously and intentionally passing along your wisdom, and creating that quality time with your kids every day, you’re letting them get those life lessons from other sources outside the family — TV, video games, and friends from school. For most of us, there’s no manual for entrepreneurship. Every PARENT has a superpower. What’s yours? And do your kids know it? Join Bolaji Oyejide (Bolaji O) 7 days a week, as he leads a hilariously entertaining, powerfully poignant, raucously rich master class on your most important job in the world. DAD, or MOM.”

Well, being a blogger, he decided I qualified as an entrepreneur and he had me on his show. So pull up and chair, grab some popcorn and a drink as you listen to me chat it up with Bolaji O for nearly an hour as I share some of my childhood memories of my dad, talk about how I came to be a stay-at-home dad  and one of my most embarrassing moments growing up. I also revisit how my dad would regularly beat me.

Hopefully you can listen to the episode directly below or, if not, there is a link to iTunes below.

You can connect with Brave little Heroes here on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is the link for itunes:

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