Old-School Meets New-School

Bed time routine around here almost always involves a few books. There is nothing quite like a great book to whisk you away on a great adventure. Recently I was sent a copy of Goodnight Lad to check out.

The story was a tale about a boy who wouldn’t go to bed and the lengths his parents went to in order to get him to fall asleep. If that’s all there was to this book it would have been placed on the bookshelf among our 100 other books to get worked into the book rotation.

Turns out this book has one really cool feature that sets it apart from every other book on the planet. If you download the book’s free app on your phone or tablet, open the app and point your camera at the book, the pages of the book come alive. Then the characters and the scenery in the book become responsive to your touch on the phone or tablet.

It’s really neat. I would have tried to take a video of it, but I didn’t have enough hands. They have their own video already so I figured I’d share that with you instead. This was the video they made for their Kickstarter campaign which ended this past summer and raised more than $30K over their goal. Check it out:

My kids ask to “read” this book every night. I’ve had to designate it as a special treat so we can still get in some of our other books. It’s obviously a little bit better of an experience on the tablet than the phone because it’s a bigger screen. The first time I showed it to my kids, I didn’t tell them ahead of time what was going on and they were so amazed and kept looking at the book and waving their hand over the book trying to touch the characters. It was funny to watch.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more stuff like this in the future because it really makes the book come alive and adds a great feature. Of course if you just wanted to read the book like a typical book, you could do that too.

If I had any suggestion for improvement, it would be nice if the book laid completely flat by itself. The way it’s bound on the spine makes it not want to lay perfectly flat. That means you have to hold it flat with your hand while also holding your phone. You run out of hands pretty quickly that way. It’s not a huge deal since the kids want to hold the phone half the time anyway but it would be nice if it laid flat by itself.

All in all, it’s a wonderful fusion of modern technology with the classic greatness of a book. And the best part of all? They have agreed to give away one copy of the book to one of my lucky readers. So enter below for your chance to win. You can also follow Goodnight Lad on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/GoodnightLad

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3 thoughts on “Old-School Meets New-School”

  1. Kids have it to easy these days! Looks like a neat concept, they need to do this with all the Dr. Seuss books we had has kids that would be interesting to say the least!

    1. Oh man. If they go back and start doing this to some old classics it would be amazing. I could also see this as a great tool for those “choose your own adventure” books.

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