Party With the Dad Bros

Much to my delight, I was invited back on the Dad Bros Show podcast. They saw that I recently had my one year blogiversary so they let me celebrate with them a little bit. If you haven’t had a chance yet to catch one of their shows you are missing out. They are a couple of great guys who always find interesting topics to discuss. They post their podcast to itunes every Tuesday and Thursday and they live stream them on Sunday and Tuesday nights around 9:30pm at So you can even watch them and interact with them via their live chat.

They set up a phone number for people to call in and leave messages to get played on the show. You guys should all just call them and leave crazy messages, I would get a kick out of that. Make sure you tell them I told you to call and mess with them 🙂 1-844-Dad-Talk

I don’t really know how to embed their latest episode on my site but you can listen to it here on their website Episode 63 or here via iTunes or here via Andriod.  Go give it a listen, they open the show up with me.

On a completely unrelated note; I was sent a free copy of the movie Lost Wilderness a while back. It’s a family friendly movie that I watched with my kids for a family movie night. We all really enjoyed it. It started a little slow but it built quickly and kept us all entertained from 2 years old all the way to 35. So if your family is looking for something to watch one night, you should consider it. Here is the trailer:

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