Sound+Sleep MINI delivers a maximum night sleep

I was just given a chance to review a sound machine from Adaptive Sound Technologies.  I’m a bit of a technology geek, so I was super pumped about getting my hands on a cool new gadget. Right off the bat I was very impressed with the features the Sound+Sleep MINI had to offer.

The main focus of the Sound+Sleep MINI is to provide white noise and environmental sounds to help you get a better night sleep by masking any other disruptive sounds that may occur during the night (or the middle of the day if that’s when you’re trying to sleep). The machine also has an audio input jack and comes with a cord so you can play anything through the speaker. That was a feature I was especially happy to see. Sometimes we just need to have a dance party and we need it louder than my phone speaker.

I joke, sort of, but it is really nice to have an extra speaker to plug my phone into when we want to listen to music. Since the MINI was designed for traveling that’s a bonus feature to have when you’re at a hotel or someplace where there isn’t a radio. And since the MINI can run off of batteries you could also use it while camping or tailgating too. The speakers delivered a great sound.


Now that I’ve gotten off on a tangent, let’s get back to the main feature. Adaptive Sound Technology. A lot of things can make noise, but the Sound+Sleep MINI actually claims to have patented technology that will respond to the background noise and adjust it’s volume accordingly. That alone sets it apart from anything else you can find.

We don’t typically use white noise machines in our house to sleep but at least twice every year I go running around trying to find radios to turn on and put in the kids’ rooms. The two days? The Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. Every year my neighborhood starts setting off bombs around 3pm and they continue until approximately 2am. I hesitate to call them fireworks because fireworks go up in the sky and look pretty. These are mostly loud explosions that shake my house, tick off every dog for 10 miles and make it hard for my kids to sleep.

So needless to say, I was excited to experiment around with the adaptive technology. As advertised, if I increased the ambient sound, (in this case it was just me yelling) the volume on the Sound+Sleep MINI would go up to compensate. It did better with sustained sounds as opposed to a one time loud hand clap but I’m still optimistic that it will handle repeated sounds from fireworks.

Another neat feature is all the choices you have for what sounds you want to play. There are 48 different sound that are available and you can set a timer for 30, 60, 90 minutes or just play all night. My boys had a fun time picking out a new sound each night to try out. Their favorites were the nature sounds because they said they liked to pretend they were camping.

One final observation I noticed was my kids seemed to sleep in later than usual when they had the Sound+Sleep MINI in their room. I’m not exactly sure why this happened but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Anytime my kids don’t wake up 2 hours before the sun is a good day.

Sound+Sleep MINI caseThe Sound+Sleep MINI also has a great travel case available that allows you to store everything in a handy zippered hard case. The Sound+Sleep MINI is available on amazon. It’s available in two colors: black and silver. If you are in the market for a sound machine or if you currently use one then you definitely need to give the Sound+Sleep MINI a try. It’s a well made product.

I did receive this product at no charge to provide an honest review. I was not paid or told what to say.

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