Who is Sunshine Dad?

My real name is Mike Smith. I consider myself to be a typical dude.  I believe the Bible is true, I love football, I hunt, I fish, I do my own car repairs, I’m a member of Mad Cowford Improv group, if I need a handyman I go into the garage and get my tools, I do my own yard work, I carry a pocket knife, I love all things electronic, I’m a die-hard Florida Gator fan, I shave a couple times a month, I cried during The Notebook, I build furniture out of old pallets…you know, all the typical guy stuff.

I also just so happen to be a stay at home dad of 5.

Nearly everyday of my life holds a new adventure, whether I’m ready for it or not.

Photo by Remember These Things Photography https://www.facebook.com/pages/Remember-These-Things-Photography/156814147750832

27 thoughts on “Who is Sunshine Dad?”

  1. Your blog grabbed me almost instantly! I believe the bible is true, I love typical guy stuff. I do not work on my own car, but do work on the house.
    Thanks for your time and effort you put into your blog.
    Bernie Menge Warm in Minnesota!

  2. hey Sunshine dad just wanna say I love your about me and I was wondering as (as a new blogger) if you ever find time lol could you read my about me and tell me what you think of it?

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