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6 Deadly Mistakes All Parents Make

Kids don’t come with a handbook and much of parenting is on the job training. Thankfully for all of you, I have learned a thing or two about being a great parent. As I prepare to become a dad for the 5th time I’ve decided I should share some of my pearls of wisdom with you.

Pay attention as I share this valuable knowledge.  So many parents think they are making good choices for their children but they are in fact making choices that could potentially have deadly consequences. I want to share with you some of the most prevalent mistakes I’ve seen parents make in the hopes that you can avoid them. You’ll probably want to take notes. Continue reading 6 Deadly Mistakes All Parents Make

10 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill

We were sprucing up our budget last month and I realized I had gotten lazy with our grocery budget. I buckled down and starting doing things that worked for us in the past. I’ve decided to share a few of the ways we try to keep our grocery bill as low as possible while feeding 6 people.

Plan Meals for the Week

This might be the number one way we avoid buying stuff we don’t need. We make a menu for the week and buy only the groceries we need to make those meals. I bought an app a while back called Meal Board that makes it very easy to create grocery lists from your meal plan. You can read more about that and other apps I love here. But of course you can do this with pen and paper too Continue reading 10 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill

Tips for Road Trippin’ with a Toddler

Road trips with little kids can be a daunting task but it’s not impossible and with the proper planning and preparation it can actually be a mildly pleasant time.  The key is to fend off boredom and reduce the amount of times you are asked “Are we there yet?”

We have taken several road trips from Connecticut to Florida (24 hours driving time) and a trip from Florida to northern Michigan (36 hours) with our little kids. Here are a few of the ways we have found to make the trips more enjoyable. Continue reading Tips for Road Trippin’ with a Toddler

The Right Changes are Often the hardest

After a few months of blogging about my adventures as a stay-at-home dad, I’ve had to take a few long looks in the mirror and into my soul and ask myself “is this working out?” The resounding answer is no. It seems people don’t want to read funny stories about a super intelligent, incredibly handsome, and all around humble dad. After doing some long hard google researching about topics to switch my blog to I have finally decided to blog about poli-fascism! Continue reading The Right Changes are Often the hardest

Don’t Ever Ask A Woman If She’s Pregnant

We’re not pregnant. (That I know of)

Furthermore, you should never, under any circumstances, ask a woman if she is pregnant. I though this was a no-brainer common courtesy issue but it seems somewhere along the line many people have forgotten plain common sense. Absolutely no good will come from you asking a woman if she is pregnant. Allow me to break down the different scenarios that could play out. Continue reading Don’t Ever Ask A Woman If She’s Pregnant

Practical Advice for New Parents

Here are a few practical, no frills pointers to help out any new and soon-to-be parents.

Photo Storage System

In about a weeks time you are going to have taken more pictures of your new baby than all the other pictures in your life combined. You will need to figure out a good way to store all of these digital treasures. If you don’t you’ll end up like me with 5 Picasa accounts and a drawer full of flash drives. There are plenty of options out there for digital storage. Also think big, a terabyte sounds like a completely unnecessary amount of storage capacity but I promise you, your baby is going to be really cute. You are going to end up taking a lot of pictures. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Read to your child

One of the best ways to help your child succeed in school is to read to him/her. In addition to it being great for your kids brain development, it’s fun and an excellent way to wind down for bed and have some nice cuddle time. Story time is special time around our house.

Pick out a few cool ideas for the long haul

There are so many cool ideas floating around the internet of cool projects parents did with their kids: Having each teacher sign “Oh the places you’ll go,” take an annual photo, measure their height each birthday, etc. Poke around Pinterest and you’ll find a cool idea or two (or 3 thousand) Pick one or two ideas you like and commit to doing them. Years later when your child leaves home and has a blanket made out of a shirt from every year of their life (or whatever you picked) they will have something they will cherish forever.

Journal etc

Some parents have a journal, some use a calendar but you should pick something along these lines to track your child’s milestones and record some of the things they’ve done. This will be fun to look back over in later years when you can’t remember when little Timmy first said “mommy” but if you wrote it down you can go back and look it up.

Decide on a few trusted/respected people to take advice on

Everybody and their mom is slinging internet parenting advice (me included). You need to pick one or two people who you respect and trust and can go to for advice. The rest of the parenting advice noise you need to ignore. You can’t make everyone happy but you can make yourself crazy if you try to listen to everyone in your friends list give you advice.

Don’t incessantly compare your child to everyone else’s

It’s fun and natural to want to cheer our little munchkins milestones and as proud parents we will swell when our little bundle starts walking early or knows more words than the 3 week older boy at the playground. But you will drive yourself insane if you nonstop compare your kid to everyone else’s. All kids are different and will develop at different times. In 5 years (or less) most of these things won’t really be that important.  Don’t stress yourself out.

I hope some of these “words of wisdom” are helpful to you. Have a great week and please do me a big favor and answer my poll question. I appreciate it!

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