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Moments to Cherish Forever

As the summer is winding down and the kids are starting back to school, our family continued our tradition of ending the summer with a week on the beach. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all take the week off and head over to the beach for a wonderful week of relaxing, good cooking, fun, sun, laughter and memories. Continue reading Moments to Cherish Forever

Aurorae’s Got Your Back at the Beach

The summer is quickly approaching here in Florida and that means two things; crazy heat and frequent trips to the beach. Aside from sunscreen one of the most important items to remember to take with you to the beach is a great big towel. I had a chance recently to try out a pair of Microfiber Sport and Swim Towels from Aurorae. Continue reading Aurorae’s Got Your Back at the Beach

I need a Vacation from my Family Vacation

As a parent, family vacations are anything but relaxing, quiet, peaceful getaways. On many levels it’s more stressful than just staying at home, but I can’t imagine not going on family vacations. Isn’t this what you sign on for when you decide to have kids? Aren’t crazy family vacations what you talk about and laugh about for decades to come?

I wrote about my Ideal Family Vacation a while back, I was only half joking. While the idea of some kid-free time is wonderful and often very necessary, I can’t imagine not going on at least one vacation a year with my kids.

I came across an article Travel Without Children that was talking about a study done by the website My Voucher Codes where they questioned parents if they would rather take their kids on vacation with them or go alone. 22% of parents said they would rather go alone, Continue reading I need a Vacation from my Family Vacation