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Why does the morning happen so early?

I’ve never been a morning person. Ever. Everyday as a kid getting up for school was such a battle. I can remember dragging myself downstairs to the kitchen table and falling back asleep waiting for my mom or dad to get me a bowl of cereal or a pop tart or whatever I was eating that morning. I would get 10 hours of sleep, so it wasn’t like I needed to go to bed earlier. It just took me a while to get my body in gear. It still does.

Well, my kids don’t have this problem. Continue reading Why does the morning happen so early?

A Dad’s Guide to Packing for the Maternity Ward

As the days are counting down until our fifth baby is due I realized I needed to get my bag ready, the bag that I’ll take with me to the hospital when my wife goes into labor. It’s well documented what you need to take for mom and the baby but dad is often overlooked in all of this.

So I have decided to put together my Dad’s Guide to Packing for the Maternity Ward. Continue reading A Dad’s Guide to Packing for the Maternity Ward

Party With the Dad Bros

Much to my delight, I was invited back on the Dad Bros Show podcast. They saw that I recently had my one year blogiversary so they let me celebrate with them a little bit. If you haven’t had a chance yet to catch one of their shows you are missing out. They are a couple of great guys who always find interesting topics to discuss. They post their podcast to itunes every Tuesday and Thursday and they live stream them on Sunday and Tuesday nights around 9:30pm at DadBros.tv. So you can even watch them and interact with them via their live chat. Continue reading Party With the Dad Bros

What Do My Kids Hate About me?

I’ve been throwing around the idea of adding more audio/video content to the site here and I’ve decided to try out an idea for a series called “Playground Interviews.” Where I talk to my kids (ideally on the playground) about issues or topics and get their answers. The idea would be to ask them deep or philosophical questions and see how a child would answer (hopefully humorously). Continue reading What Do My Kids Hate About me?

Sunshine Dad Turns One

Exactly one year ago today, I published my first blog post to the world. Of course, I hadn’t told anyone I was starting a blog yet so I think only 2 random people happened to read it that first day. I blogged in secret for a couple weeks before I made my big blog announcement to the world with The Scary Truth About Kids’ Clothes. That post is still to this day my most viewed post of all time.

This happens to be my 150th published post. So much has happened in those 150 posts. I decided to take my first blogiversary and look back at all that has happened in the first year. (I’m not really sure blogiversary is a term, but I’m just going to roll with it.) Continue reading Sunshine Dad Turns One

I Bet Your Keys Are Dumb

I started to carry a set of keys the day I turned 16. I went down to the DMV with my dad (or maybe it was my mom, I can’t remember) and gave them my Driver’s Ed certificate and smiled for my picture. I had my very own driver’s license and a new found sense of freedom. I also needed to carry around my car keys and my house keys.

I stumbled across 2 unusually large key rings and decided to use them as my key ring. That was nearly 20 years ago. I still use those 2 keys rings to this day. I’ve never given it a second thought. In fact, I’ve often though about how fortunate I was to find those large rings because I have so many keys now and I’ve never seen rings as large since. Continue reading I Bet Your Keys Are Dumb

We Have a Basketball Team

Yes, you are reading that correctly. In December we will grow our family by one more. Four kids had been the plan for most of our married life but somehow after number 4 we didn’t feel like we were done with our family; so here comes number 5. We do not know the sex of number 5 and will wait until delivery to find out.

I need to go catch up on some sleep just thinking about it. It’s always a bit of a shock adding a newborn back into the daily routine. And it’s great motivation to get the next oldest kid out of diapers. I’m looking forward to meeting this new baby and wondering if he/she will be our last one. I guess only time will tell. Continue reading We Have a Basketball Team