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Helping Your Child Stay Safe

We all want our kids to be safe and there are some basic and simple steps we can take to help them be just a little more prepared should a potentially dangerous situation arise. The first thing we have to do is talk to our kids about some of these situations they may encounter.

This seems so obvious but I bet many of us haven’t Continue reading Helping Your Child Stay Safe

Goodness Snakes Alive

Today’s post is all about how a snake gave me a chance at redemption.


Here’s the thing though, you can’t read it here. You have to venture over to Welcome to My Circus in order to read it.  I am the first guest blogger in a new guest blogger series The Sideshow.  So please click on the logo below to read my post (and comment if you feel so compelled). Then browse around her site some too. She has some of the craziest adventures! Thank you to everyone for your support. Have a blessed day!

Welcome to my circus Sideshow