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Batman Unlimited

I don’t know what it is about Batman that stands the test of time. But he has been one of the most beloved super heros since he was first introduced by DC Comics in 1939. It’s also interesting to note that Batman doesn’t have any special powers, he relies on his intellect and great physical shape to help him fight crime. Every generation seems to have their own version of Batman. Continue reading Batman Unlimited

Batman & DCKids Sponsored Giveaway

My kids love Batman. One of them was Batman for Halloween this past year. We’ve got more Batman stuff laying around the house than I know what to do with. So when I was given a chance to work with DCKids & WBKids to help promote Batman and give you guys a chance to win some cool prizes, I was in!

Each of them is launching a YouTube channel with short videos and series. You can subscribe to their channels here: DCKids & WBKids. They have Batman Unlimited, DC Superfriends and Scooby-Doo to name a few. They promise to keep updating their YouTube channels regularly.

Here is one of the videos they have on YouTube now:

After you check them out don’t forget to enter below for your chance to win one of 5 gift baskets filled with at least $50 worth of goodies.

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