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4 Tips to Make Your Blog Go Viral

People start blogs for any number of reasons. Some just like to write, some want to keep friends and family up to date, some use blogging as a type of journal and some are hoping to eventually make money. Not everyone cares about how many views their blog is getting on a daily basis, but many would like to see their views increase. I have found the following 4 tips to be important if you want to grow your viewers.

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Dadatello, the professional wrestler.

I’m am the undefeated, 365-time reigning LRF Champion. I know the Living Room Floor wrestling league isn’t as popular as the WWE, but in our house it’s huge! The kids come from all corners of the house to take on the champ. They try to sneak attack, they try to double team, they even try to use toys as weapons but they are no match for Dadatello. The Grownup Mutant Ninja Dad gets the best of them every time!  Continue reading Dadatello, the professional wrestler.