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Playing Cornhole with your Family Can be Great Fun

Cornhole, the game of tossing a beanbag into a hole on a smooth board, is a fun outdoor game. Families across the country play it in their backyards, on camping trips and picnics. It is easy to transport and easy to learn, which makes it a fun family game for all ages.

It’s Easy to Learn

While there is an American Cornhole Association with rules on how to play, the basic premise is straightforward. This is key for families with younger kids who have shorter attention spans. Anyone can pick it up and join in right away. Continue reading Playing Cornhole with your Family Can be Great Fun

How do you Stack Up?

When we first got married my wife worked for one year as an elementary school PE teacher. One of their units was all about cup stacking. I grew up playing and excelling in sports. I loved PE; it was my favorite subject every year from Kindergarten to Senior year of High School. (For the record, I did really love Drama too) But I had never heard of stacking cups and it seemed pretty silly to me. Continue reading How do you Stack Up?