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10 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill

We were sprucing up our budget last month and I realized I had gotten lazy with our grocery budget. I buckled down and starting doing things that worked for us in the past. I’ve decided to share a few of the ways we try to keep our grocery bill as low as possible while feeding 6 people.

Plan Meals for the Week

This might be the number one way we avoid buying stuff we don’t need. We make a menu for the week and buy only the groceries we need to make those meals. I bought an app a while back called Meal Board that makes it very easy to create grocery lists from your meal plan. You can read more about that and other apps I love here. But of course you can do this with pen and paper too Continue reading 10 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill

Top Stay-at-Home-Dad Apps

As a Stay-at-Home Dad of 4 little kids, I can use all the help I can get to make my life easier. One thing I lean on heavily to help me keep it together is my iPhone. With a couple million apps out there in the app store it can be a little daunting to sort through them all.  Over the past several years I have found myself relying heavily on a few apps and I wanted to share those with everyone in hopes that I can help someone out.  The good thing is most of these are free.   Continue reading Top Stay-at-Home-Dad Apps