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Take a Homeselfe

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say everyone loves saving money. I don’t know anyone who enjoys deliberately throwing money away. Unfortunately that’s exactly what we do with our homes if we are not being energy efficient. We are wasting 100s and sometimes 1000s of dollars a year. Some of that is us being lazy but some of that is just not knowing where and how we can be more efficient.

That’s where Homeselfe can help out. In just a couple minutes with a few clicks you can get a report of your entire home that shows you were you can increase efficiency. And the best part is it’s entirely free! Normally a home energy audit can cost a few hundred dollars, but via the Homeselfe app (available on Google Play and the AppStore) you get a free report along with the solutions to solve them.

I took my own Homeselfe the other day and it only took a couple minutes and it showed me a few places we could save money. It couldn’t be more simple. You tap through each section of the home and answer basic questions.


Once you are done it calculates your report and provides you with a detailed breakdown. Here was our initial report:


Our home is pretty new so overall our efficiency was good. As you scroll down your report you get more detailed information:




The report also included some specific numbers about exactly how much we could save each year if we upgraded some things in our home:


As you can see, lighting and wall insulation were the biggest areas of concern for us. I didn’t realize switching my light bulbs could save me so much money per year! That’s impressive for just some light bulbs.

The other great thing about Homeselfe is it will point out available rebates that are available:


Here I was able to get information about a possible rebate that was available to me if I upgraded my heating/cooling system. A rebate for $377 isn’t too shabby, especially if you need to get a new Air Conditioner anyway.

The other thing Homeselfe can do is put you in touch with experts that can help you if you are lost or just need some more specific help.


If I needed more information or clarification about how I could better save money with Energy Star bulbs, I can call and speak to an advisor.

I encourage you to download the app and take your own free Homeselfe today. You really have nothing to lose. In fact you could end up with quite a bit of extra money in your pocket. For one, you could save yourself money on your energy costs each month and two, you could win one of 4 $250 Visa Gift Cards. Just click here to enter for your chance to win. I call that a win-win-win!

Saving money & winning money. That’s something we can all get behind! I hope you have a great week and start saving money soon with your free Homeselfe Report.


Homeselfe sponsored this post.