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Prosthetics, Planning, and Parenthood

Having a baby poses challenges for all new parents, but those with disabilities are often at a disadvantage on many levels. Physical impairments can make it difficult to prepare for parenthood. But it isn’t impossible. Here, we’ll share a few resources to help you prepare for your bundle of joy, no matter how many arms you may have to hold him. Continue reading Prosthetics, Planning, and Parenthood

Infertility is a Man’s Issue too

It’s seems a common part of life for so many people. We even sing songs about it: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage” But unfortunately for approximately 7 million couples each year, it seems like the baby carriage won’t show up. For one reason or another, many couples can have difficulties getting pregnant. Continue reading Infertility is a Man’s Issue too