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You’d Forget Your Head if it Wasn’t Screwed On

I’ve touched on this before, if you come to our house you will see we are desperately trying to keep our life organized through various methods. We have a dry erase monthly calendar on the wall. We have a separate set of dry erase boards to keep track in more detail of each day of the current week. We have a system that is supposed to keep our paperwork filed. The side of our fridge holds all our son’s important school papers and dates. We even have two chalk boards for various inspiration and decoration.

It is my desire that our house look nice and be well decorated, but when it comes down to it, function takes priority over form. I can’t stand it when a product makes great sacrifices to look amazing at the expense of its usefulness.  Of course, the perfect scenario is when something looks great and works great too. Continue reading You’d Forget Your Head if it Wasn’t Screwed On