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Clutter and Paper Work Are Overtaking My Life

I’m not Superman and I don’t have a cryptonite but if I did it might be mounds of paperwork.  I’m not making some joke here. The paperwork that seems to build up in my house on a daily basis is relentless, it’s maddening, it’s stressful and I don’t know how to get a handle on it.

When I go over to see some of my friends, even friends with school kids, I can’t find a piece of paper anywhere. Meanwhile, in my house I can’t find a spot on the counter to set my coffee mug because it’s completely covered with paperwork and other clutter. I have nearly all my bills on paperless auto-pay, 90% of the mail I get each day goes directly into the trash and I’m still constantly buried.

The sad part is we have a cleaning company come every other Thursday. So every other Wednesday night the counter is completely cleaned off. But just like clockwork, it’s cluttered again within 3 days. It’s unreal. I have a touch of hoarder instinct in me but not toward paperwork. My garage is a disaster because it’s filled with stuff I want to keep. I don’t want any of this paperwork.

In many of my posts I am trying to offer tips, pointers or another view of how to do things. Not today. Today I am asking for help. Please, anyone who has a handle on paperwork tell me how you do it. How do you keep your counters, tables, bar stools, desk, staircase and dresser free from clutter? I am failing miserably at it and no system I’ve come up with has worked.

Once it builds up then I just lose hope, stress out and don’t care anymore (until the day before the cleaning company comes). So hopefully one of you awesome readers out there will have some amazing pointers for me, I need them! And whatever you do please don’t mail me a letter, I won’t know where to put it.

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