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Party Under the Big Top #14

Well we are finally live after a little bit of delay. As you may know, my wonderful co-host Lysa does most of the heavy lifting as far as getting this link-up ready every week. Well she has been on an epic road trip the past few weeks and if you’ve ever been on a road trip you know internet is sometimes hard to come by. So we got a late start, but that doesn’t mean our party can’t be great! We’ve extended the end of the link-up until Saturday at noon to make up for the late start.

We’ve also made some changes this week. Instead of our usual Social Media link-up at the bottom we are going to mix it up. We want you to post your most viewed post of all time, whatever that might be. Stop and take a look at others’ most viewed posts and see if you can see any patterns emerging as to what makes a post great.

I know I’m going to be studying them to see if I can write my next “viral” post!

As always don’t forget to comment on a few other posts and link back to us so others can join in too if they want. Have a blessed week!  -Mike Continue reading Party Under the Big Top #14