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Let Me Just Grab A Few Things

Now that school has gotten back into full swing our routine has become fairly….well, routine. Long gone are the lazy summer mornings where I drank 3 cups of coffee and the kids watched some cartoons before breakfast.  Now I have about an hour once my eyes open to get 4 kids, fed, clothed, teeth brushed, hair done, lunch made and to the bus stop. Of course only 1 kid gets on the bus, but I can’t very well leave the other 3 to fend for themselves while I’m gone.

The kids seem to understand we need to hurry and, for the most part, they don’t drag their feet in the morning. A few mornings ago we were running right on schedule with our “just in the nick of time” routine. I was starting to leave out the front door and I called out for everyone to come on. The 3 boys take off out the door and head for the end of the driveway.

I hear my daughter call out “Don’t leave without me, I need to get some things” Continue reading Let Me Just Grab A Few Things

Coffee Addict?

I was late to the coffee party. My dad drank one cup of instant black coffee every morning and my mom never touched the stuff. A few sips of my dad’s coffee as a child effectively turned me off to the stuff. But then in my late 20s something happened.  I had a job where there was always a fresh pot of coffee right in front of me. Continue reading Coffee Addict?