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I Lied to My Kids

The day started out like many other days this summer. A lazy morning around the house. The kids were playing with their toys and I was drinking coffee. I was formulating a game plan for the day. After a considerable amount of time had passed we all decided that we would head to our neighborhood pool. The problem was we had wasted so much of the morning it would be lunch and nap time by the time we got over there. It was then I uttered the lie.

“We’ll go right after you guys wake up from nap.” Continue reading I Lied to My Kids

A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat

A while back I wrote a letter to Summer encouraging the warm weather to return. Well, the warm weather is finally here. Warm is actually a dramatic understatement, it’s punch-you-in-the-face hot. Ninety plus degrees at 9 am hot. Break a sweat walking across your porch scorcher.

It’s not always this hot, but we’ve had a serious heat wave pass through lately. We’ve been staying inside a bit more than normal but we can’t stay cooped up all day everyday. These kids have energy they need to burn off. I was feeling bad taking them to do anything outside because it was just so hot. Then I had an idea. Continue reading A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat