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Batman & DCKids Sponsored Giveaway

My kids love Batman. One of them was Batman for Halloween this past year. We’ve got more Batman stuff laying around the house than I know what to do with. So when I was given a chance to work with DCKids & WBKids to help promote Batman and give you guys a chance to win some cool prizes, I was in!

Each of them is launching a YouTube channel with short videos and series. You can subscribe to their channels here: DCKids & WBKids. They have Batman Unlimited, DC Superfriends and Scooby-Doo to name a few. They promise to keep updating their YouTube channels regularly.

Here is one of the videos they have on YouTube now:

After you check them out don’t forget to enter below for your chance to win one of 5 gift baskets filled with at least $50 worth of goodies.

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